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We understand wholesale, When cash flow is the problem (not sales), it is often impossible, not to mention unwise, to borrow in order to solve temporary cash flow problems. Burdening the company with more debt or selling off a part of the company during such times seldom offers a real solution. When a business is undercapitalised, it makes no difference how strong sales are or how many customers require your services; the need for cash exists right now, not 45-60 days when the invoice is paid.

EWI can convert all of your current and 30-90 day accounts receivable to an effective “cash sale”, without changing any of your terms to your clients. Imagine the many advantages of your company if all your billings were paid the same day you invoiced.

With immediate cash, you can purchase inventory today, meet payroll, expand or even renovate. Small, mid-size and growing companies can solve cash flow problems and achieve sustained growth using our simple and fast accounts receivable factoring program. Our executives have over 30 years of business experience in receivable factoring and have handled over a billion dollars in financial transactions. We are committed to excellence and pride ourselves on speed, accuracy, privacy and professionalism. Business owners, attorneys, investment bankers, consultants, bankers and accountants find us very helpful and recommend us to their clients because
we offer:
• Fast cash funding from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 monthly on receivables
• Purchase of accounts from any business type, including construction
• Immediate cash of up to 95% of the invoice amount
• Your choice of which invoices to finance/sell
• Bank to bank wire transfers
• Funding approval within 3-5 days of Application

In addition, there are:
• No legal fees
• No closing costs
• No operational audits
• No personal guarantees
• No tax returns required
• No financial statements required
• No minimum or long term contracts

We only work with industry veterans, that have a track record in the wholesale global market.

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