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The EWI Global solution for IP Telephony is designed to add value added services to an existing enterprise network deploying desktop services or internal voip services.
The SIP trunk or physical internet delivered depends on the number of channels to the end customer. Several configurations are possible (single standard routing, load balancing, fail over) to provide a flexible, flexible and quality in the IP telephony solution from the customer.
The integration infrastructure Microsoft OCS 2007/Lync is totally transparent in the architecture of EWI Global, MICROSOFT certified operator.   Lync Telephony Services allows communication over the traditional telephone …


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Cisco H.323 Gateway Configuration Example
The configuration of H.323 gateway below include only generic commands needed for VoIP activity and not consider internetworking configuration.
Example of the Cisco gateway configuration for ISDN connection

!— Purpose: Configuration of H.323 gateway using ISDN connection

gw# configure terminal
!— Enters voice service configuration mode and specifies
!— a voice encapsulation type as Voice over IP (VoIP) encapsulation.
!— Voice service configuration mode is used for packet Telephony service
!— commands that affect the gateway globally.
gw(config)# voice service voip
!— Setting up multiple codecs for usage in dial-peer
gw(config)# voice class codec 1
gw(config-class)# codec …

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