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James Tervit – Founder/CEO EWI Global Ltd

Driving Mobile Data solutions for large non-profit corporates and FTSE 100 listed businesses, working tirelessly on developing telecom business plans for €1bn revenue level companies in the transport, media and sports sectors.

My vision is to build new out of the box security models for large corporates, reducing sourcing expenditure, increasing project value through simplifying the device person relationship, building brand value through unrivalled assurance, leveraging technology to secure shareholder value.  Allowing our customers to continually focus on their core business competence with the knowledge that we can deliver the simplification whilst keeping it simple and on the roadmap.

  1. ebilling across 52 operating countries, realising a $100m investment in an international SAP supply chain
  2. Discovered a $1.5bn growth marketing utilising a global mpls network and tier 1 technology for a global aviation player
  3. Invented the next security standard in 5g Telecom
  4. Automation expert for over 30 years

A wannabe philanthropist that builds teams through moral, ethical, honesty and best practice compasses. Prior to founding EWI, James has had a long and varied career in Media, Telecom and business start-ups. James has pioneered supply chain automation, video online and simplified IT practice for the benefit of senior business stakeholders.

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