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Delivering reliable telecom services needs more than a SIM card and a rate plan. It needs focused skills, knowledgeable support and expertise to be able to help you get the right service to meet your application. Up until now, supporting multi-market services has relied on you negotiating and supporting any number of multiple local service agreements, or by depending on roaming-only services with their inherent lack of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

EWI removes many of these challenges, allowing you to get on with building your business efficiently,  cost effectively and delivering your projects ahead of schedule or on time whilst maintaining your competitiveness.

Through EWI you will enjoy predictable pricing of national and global  network services, single fulfillment, billing and business support in your own time zone, and the peace of mind that your services will ride on the world’s best networks. EWI will help you grow your business faster and more profitably.

Telecom Account Optimisation Service

(TAOs:”path” or “way”)

EWI Global’s TAO Service offers a fully integrated cost-out exercise with a telecom account optimisation solution, providing enterprises with the ability to comprehensively manage their current and planned communications environments. Users from the C-level to the telecom operator are empowered to manage and support corporate telecommunications assets based on company requirements.

Specific Telecom Account Optimisation Service life-cycle capabilities include: cost-out on mobile and landline, procurement, contract and negotiation, invoice and auditing, wireless optimisation, mobile device, asset handling, dispute and remediation, call accounting, help desk, bill presentment, private calls management, cable management, ongoing budgeting, voice and data network architecture support and ongoing reporting and analytics.

EWI GLOBAL  Telecom Account Optimisation Service Suite benefits:

• Significant Telecommunications Cost Reduction on Mobile and Landline

• Increased Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

• Business Cost Alignment and Visibility

• Increased Insight and Leverage

• Support for Converting to Next Generation Technology and Services

TAOs Suite Modules:

Cost Out On Your Existing Service (48 Hour Reporting Turn Around)

Step 1. Sign off a letter of Authority enabling us to contact your carrier (EWI can supply)

Step 2. We extract your bills from the carrier’s portal or you supply us with at least the last three months’ bills

Step 3. We run a deep dive analysis on your usage

Step 4. We renegotiate the bundle with your carrier on your behalf

Step 5. We present you with the results allowing you to make a decision

Step 6. We protect the cost savings with our dedicated account management team with all the modules below

Call Accounting

TAOs Call Accounting tracks CDR usage from traditional and IP-based switch types and provides the optimum solution for establishing usage and initiating chargeback. TAO Suite supports multiple vendor switch environments (traditional PBX and IP) including Siemens, NEC, Avaya, Nortel and Cisco.

Invoice Management

TAOs Invoice Management lets you drive down telecom costs by taking control of your vendor invoices. You also maintain records of all your invoices, validate, approve or dispute invoices, and allocate charges to the appropriate cost centres.

Wireless Management

TAOs Wireless Management enables you to gain control of wireless cost, services and assets. We continually run analysis with your changing usage.

Asset Management

TAOs Asset Management helps you manage all your voice, data, and wireless equipment. You’ll not only know where your assets are and how they are being used, but by whom.

Private Calls Management

TAOs Private Call Management provides employees with direct access to view and classify their calls as personal or business related through a web-based interface.

Budget Management

TAOs Budget Management provides our account management team  the tools needed for complete and comprehensive control of organisational telecom budgets.

Cable Management

With TAOs Cable Management you can easily define your assets, set up the `connectivity paths between them, and pinpoint how faults in one cable implicate deployed assets using just your browse.

Proactive Alerts

Our Proactive Alerts Module gives the organisation the ability for instant monitoring and control over the system by alerting on exceptional events regarding system health, Quality of Service, misuse of the system not as approved usage. It allows monitoring the status of the departments and personal budgets and alerts on usage limits. The Proactive Alerts module also enables tracking personnel who are in distress and call 999 for assistance.

Tenant/Cost Centre Resale

With TAOs Tenant Resale, customer accounts can be easily set up; unique billing profiles for each type of customer are easily defined (including all relevant settings— mark-ups, discounts, taxation, etc.); invoices are generated automatically based on your defined settings; and payments are tracked, along with management of debit and credit balances.

Provisioning Management

Provisioning Management provides organisations with the ability to control their data sources behaviour according to predefined sets of rules for their specific users. Enterprises supply their employees and customers with telecom services, which can be monitored by the Provisioning Management modules.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is an extensive business intelligence and reporting tool that helps analyse data collected from your telecom bills which puts valuable information to work with our advanced telecom account solutions — dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc reporting that give your internal team control over your communications management.

Procurement and Help Desk

With TAOs Procurement and Help Desk module allows your staff or our account team to order services directly from a vendor or route orders through your own internal approval process, ensuring compliance with all telecom policies and service catalogues. Full integration with TAOs other modules ensures that no asset or service is billed incorrectly or before it becomes active.

In addition, you can easily define work flow processes that reflect how you want telecom support requests to be managed. These same processes are then used to create work orders and trouble tickets in response to support calls. Work related to each ticket can then be allocated and charged to business units, locations or cost centres.

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