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 “Secure Your Corporate DNA”

Security ensures access is only granted to permitted Devices, Networks, Apps and Users.

Incidents, resulting in financial loss, corporate, industrial espionage or the endangerment of lives are increasingly becoming regular news.

We are in a new world war: a global economy of sophisticated cross border cyber-attacks that, ironically, is assisted by human error and vulnerable systems within the targets. Global supply chains in particular create unprecedented opportunity for hackers to cause mayhem and panic among corporates and stakeholders.

“Automating Security and Corporate Risk Policies While Isolating the Enterprise to Outsiders”

Today  7-figure fines, corporate bankruptcy,  shareholder losses, counts of corporate manslaughter and multi-million in environmental clean-ups, are part of the corporate risk and thats before we take into account the world of Industrial control systems vulnerabilities, embedded device networks, hacking and blackmail.

Our automated device level policy driven security system would assure that the risk would be significantly lower and unlikely to happen due to regulatory affairs having the right tools to control identified risks?  Corporates and supply chains must know which applications and systems are approved to work together and which devices across automated networks are part of, or can connect to, the supply chain system in real-time.

An example solution  includes:

  1. Video monitoring across our extensive high bandwidth secure network;
  2. Embedded control management systems
  3. Auditing of vehicle/device activity according to schedules and policies
  4. Activating any fail-safe mechanisms should system monitoring show irregularities.

How we do it:

  1. We create a supply chain DNA system fingerprint, whether it be at the user, application or physical levels (or in combination),
  2. Enables systems control to be effectively monitored and managed while excluding hackers and isolating the corporate network from the public internet.
  3. Only DNA enabled devices/apps can participate in the closed system.

Location level auditing: all locations would be recorded in real-time and automatically audited as part of the regulatory framework.  The resulting dashboard and Management Information would form part of the DNA for automated decision making and human decision support. The solution can be applied to all Industrial Systems Controls to tighten regulatory frameworks and provide assurance on lowering risk as each gap is identified and eliminated.

example of how we control location based application policies.


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